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Opening Hannover Messe for Kuka

For the leading producer of industrial robots Flying Steps Entertainment developed an impressive show for the opening of Hannover Messe – the most important industry fair worldwide.

  • Interactive show combining urban dancers, production robots and LED screens
  • Production robots were specifically programmed and by means of that perfectly integrated into the show
  • Barack Obama & Angela Merkel as special guests in the front row
  • Crew: 6 dancers, 7 production robots
  • Task: To illustrate the manufacturing process and make it more fun to watch through a dance battle with the robots
  • Time of development: 2.5 months
  • Length of performance: 5.5 minutes

Laureus Sports for Good Award

Each year the Laureus World Sports Award honors the world's most outstanding athletes. The program of the award ceremony that, for the first time, took place in Berlin was enhanced by a performance of the Flying Steps.

  • Individual adaptation of Red Bull Flying Bach for the award ceremony
  • Crew: 15 dancers
  • Task: Combining Berlin dance styles and high culture
  • Time of development: 2 months
  • Length of performance: 3 minutes
  • Broadcasted to 120 countries

Anniversary of German Unification 2015

On the occasion of the anniversary of the German Unification on October 3, 2015, the Flying Steps performed in two cities on only one day. In Berlin they did not only enthuse Germany's top politicians, but were also the first to have their logo projected onto the German Parliament.

  • At noon the Flying Steps danced a contemporary version of Carl Orffs Carmina Burana in Frankfurt
  • In the evening they presented their free interpretation of Bernstein's Wonderful Town in front of the German Parliament in Berlin. Together with an Orchestra they created a show that could have knocked down walls.
  • Crew: 7 dancers each
  • Task: Creating a show dealing with the conflict between East and West
  • Time of development: 1.5 months
  • Length of performance: 5 minutes each

Robozee translates Eko Fresh

In the music video for "Schlaganfall" Flying Steps dancer Robozee translates the rap lyrics of German rapper Eko Fresh into dance moves.

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