• Lil Ceng 2

    Lil Ceng

    Lil Ceng grew up in the German city of Saarbrücken and was introduced to breakdance by his cousin when he was only 10 years old. It was a performance of the Flying Steps on TV that marked the beginning of a life-long passion. By the time he was just 16 years old, Gengis (alias Lil' Ceng) had already cemented his place in the Flying Steps crew. That accomplishment alone proves just what a stand-out talent the Macedonian-born b-boy is. Recognized from early on as one of the best power move dancers in the world, Lil' Ceng wins over crowds with his creative and dynamic styles which are inspired by Jackie Chan and Ryan Leslie.

  • Anna Holmstroem 1

    Anna Holmström

    For Anna classical music is "a way of expressing emotions and of telling a story without using words". The Swedish dancer perceives it as "a very powerful language when listened to". At the age of 14, Anna moved from her hometown of Lindsberg to Stockholm where she studied dance at the Royal Swedish Ballet School and the Diambra Dance Education. But contemporary dance, ballet and jazz aren't Anna's only passion. She was also part of the Swedish rhythmic gymnastics national team from 2003 to 2007. Today, she contributes her athleticism and skill to Flying Bach.

  • Amigo 1


    Amigo started his career as a dancer in Berlin – as one of the founding members of the Flying Steps. In 1994 and 2000 he and the Flying Steps won the infamous international breakdance battle Battle of the Year. Amigo's roots are planted in hip hop but his branches grow into different directions, letting him take his very own, innovative path.

  • Benny


    Benny is one of the most influential figures in breakdance, not only because he is the inventor of the Continue Airflare – which is now officially recognized at the Olympic Games – but also because he has become a Red Bull Icon. His power move and freeze innovations had such a strong impact on the scene that he was immortalized in the PlayStation game "B-Boy The Game". He's also in the Guinness Book of Records with the most free-hand turns on his head (aka head spin). Benny is part of Flying Steps since a very long time, he also developes many choreos like for Flying Illusion and Flying Bach, is responsible for the dancers cast and also works as a music-producer.

  • Chizu Kimura 2

    Chizu Kimura

    Chizu started to dance when she was only 5 years old. She is a graduate of the Legat School of Dance as well as of the London Studio Center. After a few years at the Vienna Festival Ballet in London she came to Berlin in 2005. As a freelance dancer she has worked with various choreographers such as Trisha Brown, Michael Rooney, Norman Douglas and Yui Kawaguchi. Since 2009 Chizu has also been dedicated to her own projects, amongst others, with the Berlin-based violinist and composer Hoshiko Yamane. In addition, she regularly teaches advanced and professional dancers in the styles of ballet and contemporary. She is also a certified Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis trainer.

  • Demon


    Power moves are his specialty: "It's probably the most difficult discipline because you have to overcome the limits of physics through technology and power. But if you succeed, you just feel free." Demon started to breakdance in 1998. With his crews "Alliance" and "Silent Trix" he took part in worldwide battles and won i.e. the The Freestyle Session 2010-Battle in the category Powermoves. In the following year he became part of the Flying Steps and has been on stage for Flying Illusion since 2014.

  • Hong Nguyen

    Hong Nguyen

    Hong Thai is a native Vietnamese and in Berlin since 1979. Already in 1990 he discovered breakdance as his thing. Together with his crew "5 Amox" he celebrated numerous successes at international championships, like the Battle of the Year and the B-Boy World Championship. For more than 25 years he has been on stage for well-known varietés and dance theaters. These include the UFA Fabrik, Friedrichstadtpalast, Chameleon Theater, HAU and his own production Noas Bar. In April 2018 his project "Dolores - Pain", which he directs, will have its premiere. His unconventional style mixes breakdance with contemporary. Renowned for his "good eye", he has also been a passionate choreographer and photographer for several years.

  • Junior 1


    In the small harbor town of St. Malo in the north-west of France, 14-year-old Junior discovered his passion for breakdance – and conquered the world's stages from there. In 2001 he won the Battle of the Year with the crew "Wanted Posse". In 2007 he was the winner of the second edition of France's Got Talent. His achievements as a dancer were celebrated in the b-boy scene. Junior was on the road in over seventy countries to give workshops, participate in Battles and act as a jury member. In 2013, he became a member of the Flying Steps and is part of the Flying Illusion Show. What makes him so unique? His way of b-boying! Nobody else has a comparable upper body strength and flexibility at the same time: Junior dances better on his hands than others on their feet.

  • Kalli


    When growing up in Greece, Kalli turned the 12 square meter of her bedroom into her first stage. She danced along to internet dance tutorials, created her own choreographies and tried to implement them with her own style. The result: Nowadays her stage is definitely bigger. Today Kalli gives workshops in her home country Greece, as well as in Germany and France. Her diligence and dancer's talent helped her to win battles like the Free Spirit and Dance Delight. With the Flying Steps she belongs to the permanent cast of Flying Illusion.

  • Lil Rock

    Lil Rock

    Lil Rock's sucess in the international b-boy community began in the town of Heidelberg. With his crew "Point Blank Breakers", also known as "Southside Rockers", he had already successfully participated in world championships in the 1990s. Afterwards, his career led him via a record contract and the work as a freelance dancer and choreographer to the Flying Steps, of which he became a member in 2005. On top, Lil Rock was also active in dance theater with the company "E-Motion" until 2009. Here he proved himself as a choreographer and dancer in hip-hop, house, crumping, popping, locking and break dancing. The dance all-rounder and specialist in locking and popping is part of the cast of Flying Illusion and Flying Bach. In order to better understand the musical system of the latter and to convert the music into a choreography, he taught himself to play the music of Johann Sebastian Bach on the piano during the production period.

  • Lou-Ease 1


    Lou-Ease was born in Berlin and discovered his passion for hip-hop culture at the turn of the millenum. He has successfully participated in international championships such as the Battle Of The Year 2013. He is also a two-time German Champion in Breakdance. Since 2005, when he first gained theatre experience, he's been involved in projects of Constanza Macras, Wang Ramirez Company and Akhram Khan Company. His one-of-a-kind style combines urban and contemporary moves.

  • Mikel 1


    The career of native Berliner Michael Rosemann (alias Mikel) started in 1991 with a youth center dance workshop – a proof of how important passing the torch is in the world of breakdance. Ever since Mikel has been dedicated to support young b-boy talents. Mikel has been a member of the crew ever since Flying Bach hit the stages for the first time. Until 2015 he danced in every single show. Today – when on Flying Bach world tour – Mikel is the stage director and responsible for the production, especially for the artistic management and workshops in the respective local b-boy scene. When the two-time father isn't on tour, he co-manages the Flying Steps Academy in Berlin, where he also teaches the next generation of b-boys.

  • Minzy


    Already at the age of six Minzy started doing gymnastics – long before she discovered her passion for breakdance at the age of 14. In 2009 the b-girl entered the French dance scene and soon won many battles with her "Immigrants Crew". Since 2013 she is part of Flying Illusion and arouses attention with her acrobatic moves.

  • Petair Action Shot


    Peter Sowinski aka Petair does not only have a degree in sports. He is a breakdance professional since 2007, a several time German champion and a member of the most famous and successful breakdance crew, the Flying Steps. He is renowned for the dynamics and creativity of his power moves. Peter won the Battle of the Year Germany in 2011 and 2012, and hasn't taken a break since. Now the multiple German champion pours his creativity into the fitness scene. He is the inventor of Breakletics, a functional training that uses the philosophy and the elements of breakdance as its foundation. Breakletics is different and has the reputation to be an extremely effective workout. He is also an official Adidas athlete.

  • Punisher


    Punishers began b-boying at the age of 12. He was introduced to breakdance by his brother, the successful b-boy Demon. The native Frenchman prefers to express himself himself through powermoves, tricking, footworks and toprocks. Punisher achieved a Guinness World Record for the most 1990's - a move during which a dancer does pirouettes standing on his hands. But he can also look back at his participation in the Battle Of The Year in France and the Red Bull BC One. When he does not tour with Red Bull Flying Bach, he uses his spare time to play the guitar and compose new music.

  • Rayboom


    Rymon Zacharei, also known as "Rayboom", was born in Baghdad in Iraq in 1985 and grew up in Egypt. At the age of 14 he and his family moved to Germany. Inspired by hip-hop and R'n'B music, he began dancing at the age of 19.
    Since 2005 dances all urban dance styles, such as popping, locking, house and hip-hop. Since 2010 he is a teacher at the Tanzhaus NRW where he directs the new youth dance company as well as various hip-hop projects with young people. The dancer, trainer and choreographer combines elements from the martial arts as well as the contemporary dance with his dance style. He is a member of the Düsseldorf "Bad Newz M.P". Since 2015 he also a member of the Flying Steps and on tour with Flying Bach.

  • Robozee 2


    Christian "Robozee" Zacharas is known for his uniqueness in the areas of dance and improvisation. However, in 1993 everything started quite differently. Robozee spent several years as a company dancer before he finally discovered hip-hop culture and especially popping in 1998. Suddenly he could express himself much better. From there, everything went very quickly: Robozee was a member of several crews, including the legendary "Battle Bunch". He has won many well-known Battles such as Juste Debout and Funkin Stylez. He still represents the hip-hop and popping scene throughout Germany. "Dance matures like a good wine," says the dancer, who is on the stage for Flying Illusion.

  • RubberLegz


    His unique moves are what make RubberLegz so original and irreplaceable. "I gave up trying to find a name for my style", he says. "I'm a b-boy and that's enough."

  • Sebi Action Shot


    Dancer, actor and choreographer Sebi, who was born in Berlin, stands out through his fast moves and dynamism. Since 2007 he is a active member of the Flying Steps - for good reasons! In 2006 and 2013 he won the World Championship title in the "Battle of the Year Germany". Moreover, he had showcases at the Breakdance Convention and also led workshops in Tokyo, France and the BC One Austria 2009. In addition to this remarkable career, he also trains new talent at the Flying Steps Academy since 2007.

  • Snoop


    At the age of 11 the small-town underdog discovered his passion for breakdance. After long years of isolation at school, work and in the army, he finally followed his destiny. Today he has found his place among his childhood-idols, the Flying Steps. B-Boy Snoop's character is reflected in his power moves: accurate and clean!

  • Tim


    Tim was born in Grenoble, France, and played the violin as a teenager. This makes him one of the very few b-boys that were already introduced to classical music before joining Flying Bach. The 2011 and 2012 Battle Of The Year World Champion's dance style mixes powermoves with footwork and flips.

  • Wilfried


    B-Boy Wilfried is a dancing Frenchman who lives in Berlin. The dancer, who began his career in 2002 with the dance company "Legiteam Obstruxion", has specialized in a mixture of power movements, flexibility and dance experiments. Wilfried represents a new, young generation of urban dance and has won several championships such as the Battle of the Year and KOD Germany. Wilfried is not only committed to the development of innovative dance styles for the French theater "S'poart" but he is also an active member of the Flying Steps since 2013.

  • Willy 1


    Born in France in 1995 and inspired by the moves of Bruce Lee, Willy began b-boying at the age of 13. He hasn't been able to get breakdance out of his head ever since.
    In 2010 he met his current crew, the "TekkenCrew" who introduced him to the b-boy scene. With them he participated in many battles. And he is still a member of their crew today. Motivated to push himself, he won one of the most important battles of the b-boy scene - The Red Bull BC One 2016 in France. Willy was invited to be a jury member for battles worldwide, such as the Floorwars Battle in Italy or the Cavalaire Battle in France. Since 2013 he trains young talents in his hometown. After the Flying Steps took note of his exceptional talent, they made him to the youngest member of their crew in 2015.

  • Yamine


    The French b-boy from Grenoble discovered his passion for breakdance in 1997 at the age of 12. He founded the "Alliance Crew" together with his older brother Hachemi "H" Manaa and went on to win the Battle Evolution III Europa competition in 2007 as well as many others internationally. Yamine didn't earn the nickname "Spider" without reason. His moves are quick enough for someone with more than two legs. Yamine later formed the successful "Silent Trix" crew and would go on to gain more experience as a member of the Danish crew "Next Zone". He joined the Flying Bach crew in 2012.

  • Ya-Chun Tsai 2

    Ya-Chun Tsai

    Ya-Chun is a Taiwanese dancer living in Berlin. In 2010 she graduated from Taipei National University of the Arts as a Bachelor of Arts. Between 2008 and 2009 she obtained a degree the National University of Music and Performing Arts in Mannheim, Germany. From July to December 2007 she studied at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. Ya-Chun is not only a trained ballet dancer, but she is also perfect in contemporary dance, pas de deux, jazz dance, Spanish dance, Chinese ethnic dance and even Tai-Chi. She has been on stage since 2007, worked with Birgit Keil in "Les Sylphides" and was member of the ensemble of the Taipei Capital Ballet. Ya-Chun dances the classical part of Flying Bach.

  • Yui Kawaguchi

    Yui Kawaguchi

    Already at the age of six Yui Kawaguchi, who was born in Japan, began to dance. Four years later she even created her own choreographies. In her dance she skillfully combines the flowing movements of contemporary dance with fragments of classical ballet. She has danced in various ensembles and has not only toured through Japan, but also through the US and Europe at a very young age. She choreographed for the opening festival of East Asian Olympic 2001, followed by music videos, TV-CF, films, concerts and fashion shows. Since 2005 Yui works in Berlin and has won several dance and choreography awards. As a choreographer she collaborates with various theaters, visual artists, musicians and scientists. Her own pieces have featured at a number of international festivals in 10 countries in Asia, Europe and the US. She is the original cast and choreographer of contemporary dance part of Flying Bach.

  • Ukay Action Shot


    At the age of 15 Ukay flirted with a career as a professional soccer player. But luckily he decided to stick to his roots: His father was a famous breakdancer in his home country of Macedonia in the 1970s – dance and music are part of his family's tradition. In addition, Ukay is proud two-time winner of the biggest dance event Juste Debout. He won the title of world champion in the House category in 2013 and hip-hop in 2017. With the Flying Steps he is on stage for Flying Illusion.

  • Vartan

    Vartan Bassil

    Without Vartan Bassil, born in Lebanon with Armenian roots, Germany's b-boy history would be short of an important chapter. In 1993 the self-taught b-boy founded the Flying Steps together with Amigo. Due to his good eye for extraordinary productions and choreographies the Flying Steps won, among others, the Red Bull Beat Battle in 2005 and 2007, as well as the Battle Of The Year in 1994 and 2000. Today Vartan is the Flying Steps' artistic director and develops shows such as Flying Bach and Flying Illusion. Moreover, he is CEO of Flying Steps Entertainment with its own dance academy in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

  • Virgina Action Shot


    Virginia Tomarchio was born in Catania in 1995. Dancing is in her blood: "Even in my dreams I wanted to be a ballerina". The public knows her due to her participation in the 14th edition of the Italian castingshow "Amici di Maria de Filippi" in 2015. Here she won the first prize in the dance category. In 2015 Virginia began to study at the Corps de Ballet of the Rome Opera House. During the same year she also participated in the special opening act to the world-wide renowned one-on-one breakdance-battle, the Red Bull BC One. In the following year Virginia danced the contemporary part in the Italian tour of Fyling Bach.

  • Lil Zoo Action Shot

    Lil Zoo

    Foad Ambelj aka Lil Zoo started dancing in Casablanca, Morocco in 2008. After for four years of practicing intensively he became the first to represent Africa in the Red Bull BC One World Finals 2012 in Rio De Janeiro. For him the competition opened the door to the international b-boy scene, and it didn't take long until the Flying Steps took notice of him. Since 2014 Lil Zoo is a member of the Flying Steps. He joined the cast of Red Bull Flying Bach two years later and finally won the Red Bull BC One in 2018.

  • Yuko


    Yuko encountered ballet at the age of 6 in her home country, Japan. In 2005 she received her diploma of arts at the National Theater Ballet School in Melbourne, Australia. After an internship at theatre of Basel, Switzerland, Yuko came to Germany in 2007 to work with Trisha Brown at documenta 12 in Kassel. Ever since she has accumulated extensive experience while working with theaters in Germany and international choreographers such as Clint Lutes, Jo Fabian, Nick Hobbs and Yui Kawaguchi. Since 2013 she teaches professional ballet training in Berlin. To satisfy her curiosity for further development and the discovery of the body, she is currently learning various bodyworks.

  • Keiko


    Born in Kumamoto, Japan, Keiko started her classical ballet training at the age of three and soon after began the modern, jazz and contemporary dance training. At 16 she moved to London and completed her study at Central School of Ballet where she achieved a BA Hons degree in professional dance and performance. After graduating she worked with various companies and productions such as Bucharest Ballet, Deutsche Oper Berlin, Murley Dance Company in London, Michael Jackson Forever Tribute Concert in Wales and the German TV series Babylon Berlin on sky. Since 2016 she lives in Germany and is a newcomer in the cast of Flying Bach.