• Lil Ceng 2

    Lil Ceng

    Lil Ceng grew up in the German city of Saarbrücken and was introduced to breakdance by his cousin when he was only 10 years old. It was a performance of the Flying Steps on TV marked the beginning of a life-long passion. By the time he was just 16 years old, Gengis (alias Lil' Ceng) had already cemented his place in the Flying Steps crew. That accomplishment alone proves just what a stand-out talent the Macedonian-born b-boy is. Recognized from early on as one of the best power move dancers in the world, Lil' Ceng wins over crowds with his creative and dynamic styles which are inspired by Ryan Leslie and Jackie Chan.

  • Anna Holmstroem 1

    Anna Holmström

    For Anna classical music is "a way of expressing emotions and of telling a story without using words". The Swedish dancers perceives it as „a very powerful language when listened to." At the age of 14, Anna moved from her hometown of Lindsberg to Stockholm where she studied dance at the Royal Swedish Ballet School and the Diambra studio. But contemporary dance, ballet and jazz aren't Anna's only passions. She was part of the National Swedish Rhythm Gymnastics team from 2003 to 2007. Today she contributes her athleticism and skill to Red Bull Flying Bach.

  • Amigo 1


    Amigo started his career as a dancer in Berlin – as one of the founding members of the Flying Steps. In 1994 and 2000 he and the Flying Steps won the infamous international breakdance battle Battle of the Year. Amigo's roots are planted in hip hop but his branches grow into different directions, letting him take his very own, innovative path.

  • Benny


    Benny was the first b-boy to ever present multiple airtwists in a row and is regarded as one of the most influential figures in breakdance. His power moves and groundbreaking freezes shaped the dance scene so much that Playstation eternalized him in 'B-Boy – The Game'. Today b-boys still admire him and his achievements. In the latest Flying Steps production Red Bull Flying Illusion Benny even lifts off during a headspin. Benny is active as the Flying Steps'talent scout and is significantly involved in creating new show choreographies.

  • Chizu Kimura 2

    Chizu Kimura

    Chizu started dancing at the age of five. She trained at Legat School of Dance and London Studio Centre in the U.K before joining the Vienna Festival Ballet in London. In 2005, she moved to Berlin and has been working as a freelance dancer with numerous choreographers include Trisha Brown, SETanztheater, Micheal Rooney, RØRSTRØMSK, Angus Balbernie, Norman Douglas, and Yui Kawaguchi. Since 2008, she started working on her own projects. She formed TANSIK, an experimental group with contemporary dance and live music, with a Berlin based Japanese violinist Hoshiko Yamane. she is giving classical training for advanced to professional levels regularly at Center of Dance (Prenzlauer Berg) in Berlin.

  • Demon


    Demon's specialty is power moves. "It's probably the most difficult discipline. But with technique and power you can defy the laws of physics and experience an unbelievable sense of freedom."

  • Hong Nguyen

    Hong Nguyen

    Hong was born in Saigon / Vietnam and moved as a boat people to Berlin/Germany in 1981. With his successful gymnast background, he started to breakdance. With his own b-boy crew "5 Amox" he was successful in international breakdance contests like BOTY or the B-Boy World Championships. He has performed at varieté and productions for GOP (Beatz), Wintergarten (Hotel California), Friedrichstadt (YMA), Heike Hennig & Co. ("Maria XXX", "Gesamtgewicht", Crystal) and his own production Noas Bar. His outstanding style, is a mix of 20 years autoditact dance experience and combines Contemporary, Modern as as well as Breakdance and Acrobatics.

  • Junior 1


    Juniors b-boy career started in a little port town in the south of France. Nowadays he feels very comfortable on the stages all around the world. What makes him so unique? He dances better on his hands than others on their feet.

  • Kalli


    Growing up, German/Greek Kalli turned her 12 square meter bedroom into a stage as she danced along to internet videos of the Flying Steps. The result: Her new stage is definitely bigger.

  • KC-1


    KC-1 likes to start his day listening the Mozart's 5th symphony. But his favorite dance styles are breakdance, house, hip hop, locking and modern. The son of a Syrian immigrant family discovered his talent for dance at a Berlin youth center under the guidance of Flying Steps member Mikel. The dancer who was born in Berlin loves headspins, styles, freezes and pirouettes. He's been a full-fledged member of the Flying Steps since 2005.

  • Lil Amok

    Lil Amok

    Lil Amok is a dancing warrior without compromise. He began battling the world's elite at the age of 12 and hasn't stopped ever since. "My moves are my weapons."

  • Lil Rock

    Lil Rock

    Lil Rock started his international b-boying career in the German town of Heidelberg. In the 1990s, he won several competitions with his crew Point Blank Breakers, also known as the Southside Rockers. He landed a record deal with Sony Music and worked as a freelance dancer and choreographer. This led him to the Flying Steps in 2005. His wide range of skills combines house dancing, hip hop, locking, popping and krumping. Last but not least he co-choreographed the show Red Bull Flying Illusion and took over the dance part of the dark leader.

  • Lou-Ease 1


    Lou-Ease was born in Berlin and discovered his passion for hip hop culture at the turn of the millenum. He has successfully participated in international championships such as the Battle Of The Year 2013. Since 2005, when he first gained theatre experience, he's been involved in projects of Constanza Macras, Wang Ramirez Company and Akhram Khan Company. His one-of-a-kind style combines urban and contemporary moves.

  • Mikel 1


    The career of native Berliner Michael Rosemann (alias Mikel) began in 1991 with a youth center dance workshop. It demonstrates the importance of passing the torch in the world of breakdance. Ever since Mikel is dedicated to support of young b-boy talents. Mikel has been a member of the crew since Red Bull Flying Bach hit the stages for the first time - and until 2014 he danced in every single show. Today – when on Red Bull Flying Bach world tour – Mikel teaches local workshops during stops. When the two-time father isn't on tour, he co-manages the Flying Steps Academy in Berlin, where he also teaches the next generation of b-boys.

  • Minzy


    A gymnastics student since child- hood, Minzy discovered her passion for breakdance at age 14. Her acrobatic style quickly caused a sensation and led to her first battle wins.

  • Nono


    Inspired by the Battle of the Year, the Grenoble born Frenchman Nono began b-boying in 1997 because he „wanted to challenge himself and others with his own interpretation of the dance style." He has since won the BOTY multiple times, most recently in 2012. With his 'Vagabonds' crew he also took home the UK B-Boy Championship in 2010 and 2011. With his spectacular power moves he did not only win many other international competitions but also aroused the interest of the Flying Steps. Since 2013 he is part of their show Red Bull Flying Bach.

  • Petair


    When coming up with new power moves his creativity is infinite. Petair's goal is to inspire people with his unique moves and to motivate them with his self-developed training methods.

  • Punisher


    Punisher was introduced to breakdance by his brother, the successful b-boy Demon. The Frenchman describes his unique style as "70s metal meets extreme b-boying." His love for rock music is reflected in his sinister dance moves. The musical multi-talent began b-boying at the age of 12 and gained notoriety early on for his trademark power moves. Next to holding the Guinness World Record for the most "1990s" (continuous spins on one hand), he's also competed in France's Battle of the Year and the 2009 Red Bull BC One.

  • Rayboom


    Rayboom was born in Bagdad, Iraq. He is a pioneer in combining hip hop moves with popping, house, locking, martial arts and contemporary dance. When not on tour he is a dance teacher in his hometown.

  • Robozee 2


    His specialty: Popping with robotic movements to the beat. Robozee feels like he belongs in Red Bull Flying Illusion. "My dance style and magic are very similar" he says. "They both seem unreal! It's a perfect match."

  • RubberLegz


    His unique moves are what make RubberLegz so original and irreplaceable. "I gave up trying to find a name for my style" he says. "I'm a b-boy and that's enough."

  • Sebi 1


    Moving fast and dynamically is the signature of Sebi, a dancer, actor and choreographer born in Berlin. He is famous around the globe for winning numerous international b-boy championships. At the Flying Steps Academy he trains the next generation of b-boys.

  • Snoop


    At the age of 11 the small-town underdog discovered his passion for breakdance. After long years of isolation at school, work and in the army, he finally followed his destiny. Today he has found his place among his childhood-idols, the Flying Steps. B-Boy Snoop's character is reflected in his power moves: accurate and clean.

  • Tim


    Tim was born in Grenoble, France, and played the violin as a teenager. This makes him one of the very few b-boys that were already accustomed to classical music before joining Red Bull Flying Bach. The 2011 and 2012 Battle Of The Year World Champion's dance style mixes powermoves with footwork and flips.

  • B-Boy Real

    B-Boy Real

    Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, B-Boy Real moved back to Germany as a teenager. Here he had an epiphany, knowing that from now on breakdance would determine his life. His motto is „Let the moment be present and you'll always be in the flow". This attitude did not only help him to win the South East European Battle of the Year in 2009. He also won the BOTY in Germany in 2013 and was second at the Dance Delight Germany (2008). Together with his crew Prodigy he started Floorrockidz in Austria – the first dance academy to train instructors teaching hip hop, breakdance, locking and popping. In 2014 the allrounder joined the Flying Steps and has been on tour with Red Bull Flying Bach since.

  • Wilfried


    B-boy Wilfried is a dancing Frenchman living in Berlin. The dancer, who began his career in 2002, has specialized in a mixture of power moves, flexibility and experimental. Wilfried represents a new, young generation of urban dance and has won international championships such as B-Boy Unit. He employs his creativity to develop innovative dance styles.

  • Willy 1


    Born in france in 1995 and inspired by the moves of Bruce Lee, Willy began b-boying at the age of 13. He hasn't been able to get breakdance out of his head since.

  • Yamine


    The French b-boy from Grenoble discovered his passion for breakdance in 1997 at the age of 12. He founded the Alliance Crew together with his older brother Hachemi "H" Manaa and went on to win the Battle Evolution III Europa competition in 2007 as well as many others internationally. Yamine didn't earn the nickname "Spider" without reason. His moves are quick enough for someone with more than two legs. Yamine later formed the successful Silent Trix Crew and would go on to gain more experience as a member of the Danish crew Next Zone. He joined the Red Bull Flying Bach crew in 2012.

  • Ya-Chun Tsai 2

    Ya-Chun Tsai

    Ya-Chun is a Taiwanese dancer living in Berlin. In 2010 she graduated from National University of the Arts in Taipeh with a Bachelor of Arts. Between 2008 and 2009 she got her diploma from the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Mannheim, Germany. In 2007 she studied at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. Ya-Chun is a trained ballet dancer but she is also perfect in contemporary dance, pas de deux, jazz dance, Spanish dance, Chinese ethnic dance and even tai chi. Since 2007 she performs on stage, has worked with Birgit Keil in "Les Sylphides" and was member of the ensemble of the Taipeh Capital Ballet. Ya-Chun dances the classical part of Red Bull Flying Bach.

  • Yui Kawaguchi

    Yui Kawaguchi

    Yui Kawaguchi discovered her passion for dancing at the age of 6. She has danced in various ensembles and has not only toured through Japan, but also through the US and Europe at a very young age. She choreographed for the opening festival of East Asian Olympic 2001, and has also worked with music videos, TV-CF, films, concerts and fashion shows.
    Since 2005 Yui works in Berlin and has won several dance and choreography awards. As a choreographer she collaborates with various theaters, visual artists, musicians and scientists. Her own pieces have featured at a number of international festivals in 10 countries in Asia, Europe and the US. She is the original cast and choreographer of contemporary dance part of the successful cross over project "Red Bull Flying Bach".

  • Ukay


    At the age of 15, Ukay flirted with a career in professional football before deciding to stick to his roots. His father was a famous breakdancer in his home country of macedonia in the 1970s. The family tradition continues!

  • Vartan

    Vartan Bassil

    Vartan Bassil, who was born in Lebanon, is one of the most influential figures in Germany's breakdance history. Together with Amigo the self-taught b-boy founded the Flying Steps in 1993. Due to his eye for extraordinary productions and choreographies the Flying Steps won, among others, the Red Bull Beat Battle in 2005 and 2007, as well as the Battle Of The Year in 1994 and 2000. Today Vartan is the Flying Steps' artistic director and develops shows such as Red Bull Flying Bach and Red Bull Flying Illusion. Moreover, he is CEO of Flying Steps Entertainment with its own dance academy in Berlin Kreuzberg.