Flying Illusion is the latest show of the internationally successful breakdance company Flying Steps Entertainment from Berlin. Twelve of the world's finest dancers meet in a magical battle between two rival forces. Flying Heroes against Dark Illusions, good against evil, the light of love against the eternal darkness.

But it is also a battle against the forces of gravity and imagination. Breath-taking breakdance meets impressive illusions, seemingly impossible moves meet visionary orchestrations.

  • Vartan Bassil

    Vartan Bassil

    Artistic Director

  • Vivan & Ketan Bhatti

    Vivan & Ketan Bhatti


  • Jeremias Böttcher

    Jeremias Böttcher

    Stage Designer

  • Benny Kimoto

    Benny Kimoto


  • Niranh

    Niranh "Lil Rock" Chantha­bouasy


  • Pfadfinderei



With Flying Illusion the limits of artistic mastery are exceeded. Suddenly a headspin and the dream of flying become one. What's real, what's illusion?

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