Willy 1


Born in France in 1995 and inspired by the moves of Bruce Lee, Willy began b-boying at the age of 13. He hasn't been able to get breakdance out of his head ever since.
In 2010 he met his current crew, the "TekkenCrew" who introduced him to the b-boy scene. With them he participated in many battles. And he is still a member of their crew today. Motivated to push himself, he won one of the most important battles of the b-boy scene - The Red Bull BC One 2016 in France. Willy was invited to be a jury member for battles worldwide, such as the Floorwars Battle in Italy or the Cavalaire Battle in France. Since 2013 he trains young talents in his hometown. After the Flying Steps took note of his exceptional talent, they made him to the youngest member of their crew in 2015.